Use the Camera

After arriving in DC to work on a photography project, I dropped my bags at the hotel and off I went on walk to stretch my legs. These jaunts of mine not only get the blood pumping, but they also help shake off the confusion of an unfamiliar place. 

Though I know better, I set off without my camera. And it didn't take long to pass something I wanted to photograph: two men playing chess on the sidewalk -- one homeless, the other stopping briefly for a quick game before heading somewhere, perhaps home. 

Although the camera I prefer to use was stashed away in the hotel, the nifty point-and-shoot camera that most people call a smart phone was in my pocket. I thought: well, why not? After all, what you use to take a picture is not as important as what you see. And wherever people locate, there's something to see -- like two men who see each other.